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About us

Eabaq Foods has been in operation since 2015. We want to reveal and create one blessing that God has given us—the Basmati rice. This gift from nature has long been valued for its perfume, heritage, and flavour. We make an effort to preserve, process, pack, and offer the best basmati rice using cutting-edge technology.

We are confident in our ability to consistently fulfil our commitment to bring the most delicious basmati rice to food lovers all around the world. The mill officially started in Kamoke, Dist. Gujranwala, Pakistan. From the start, their main goal has been achieving perfection in processing rice to make sure customers are completely satisfied.

The pledge to provide the most delicious, luxurious and aromatic basmati rice which gives the genuine enjoyment to food lovers all around the world.

The goal of Eabaq Foods is to provide rice to lavish food lovers all around the world in its purest form. The basmati paddy grain that has been harvested has been grown in this harmonious manner with the environment and committed farmers.

The perfect environment for growing the lavish aroma of basmati rice can only be found here.

Quality Products

Elevate your expectations as we supply only the finest, rigorously tested products to our valued dealers. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

Perfect Service

At our rice company, exporting quality is our mission. We're dedicated to delivering impeccable service to our clients.

100% Natural

Our rice is cultivated using only natural methods, free from chemicals and artificial additives. Pure goodness in every rice grain we export.

Environmentally friendly

Embrace the eco-friendly essence of our rice export venture. Our products and production procedures are entirely natural, leaving no carbon footprint behind. With utmost dedication, we bring you premium rice that's not only top-notch but also kind to the planet.

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Super Kernal Basmati Rice

1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

PK-386 Long Grain Rice

IRR-09 Long Grain Rice

IRRI-06 Long Grain Rice

100% Broken Rice

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